ANdiNA ( is a virtual society, an informal network that works to inject good-humoured critical debate into ecology where it is currently lacking – communicating the outcomes via the scientific press – and to foster international dialogue, collaboration and mentoring.  A priority is to help early-career scientists to engage in a substantive way with their international peers.


So far, 82 people from 18 countries have participated in our workshops and are now considered to be “members”.  As a virtual society with no formal structures, we have the flexibility to address issues and to fill gaps that formal organisations miss.  We can put our efforts into actions and dialogue rather than internal organisation and committee meetings.  However, as we have no membership fees and do not make profits from running large conferences, the only resource we can call upon is the time and goodwill of colleagues and the occasional gifts from sponsors and societies.

Program committee for Doing Ecology Differently

Ingolf Kühn (UFZ, Halle, Germany) – Chair

Tiffany Knight (UFZ, Halle, Germany)

Hamish McCallum (Griffith University, Australia)

Laura Meyerson (University of Rhode Island, USA)

Anna Csergo (Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences)


Michael Williams (Michael Williams & Associates Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia)

Local organiser

Emili Garcia-Berthou (Universitat de Girona)

Coordinator, secretary, treasurer…..

Roger Cousens (The University of Melbourne, Australia)