Dream team 3The detailed program is still being developed; partly because we want you to have input into what we discuss, so that it is very much your workshop.   And you have not been selected yet!  There will clearly be no strict order of who will speak on what or when, since there are no presentations of traditional papers!  Also, we start with a “Plan A” and modify it as necessary as we proceed.  So here is a broad overview of what we plan.  Contact us if you must see previous programs, which were on different topics.

The 2020 program outline

A general overview is that we meet in Bucharest first thing Monday morning.  We will

2012 Workshop in Montana

drive you to the venue.  As it is a long way, we will arrange for things to do and for refreshments en route.  On the Monday afternoon we settle in, get to know each other and gently start on the scientific program.  Every afternoon, Tuesday to Thursday, we do walkshopping (=hiking/walking/naturalising/photographing according to your preferences); this is an essential part of the program and is not “time off”!  It reinvigorates us after mornings of intense cerebral action and cements personal interactions. After a short period of personal time, we continue our exchange of views and ideas through less formal events (e.g. our “soap-box” sessions) fueled at your discretion by beverages – though of course we encourage participants to use alcohol img_1498.jpgresponsibly!  We eat breakfast and dinner together, while we take packed lunches on our walking.  As the week progresses, we transition from the airing of ideas, to deeper deliberations and – critically – to make substantial progress on publications.  On Friday morning we round things off, assign post-workshop tasks and time-lines, embrace (depending on your preferences) and then depart back to Bucharest.

The overall aim of AnDinA workshops is to identify gaps, problems, solutions, new approaches and opportunities in research. We bring together experienced and early-career researchers in an atmosphere where everyone gets to have their say.  Outputs are focused on the writing, submission and proactive sharing of our thoughts and ideas with the scientific community at large.  Attendees will be asked to raise and discuss questions that are contentious, challenging or provocative. As a result, the workshop will promote the exchange and integration of opinions, knowledge and ideas from the variety of disciplines present.  The intention of the meeting is to have gender balance, though this will depend on the applications we receive (note that the majority of the organisers for 2020 are female).