It is your responsibility to get to Barcelona by the night of Sunday 12 June 2022 at the very latest, as we will be heading off to the venue first thing in the morning of 13 June. Do not try to arrive on the Monday morning, as any delay will disrupt the program for everyone.  You will have to make hotel bookings in Barcelona yourself and pay for your dinner and breakfast while there (everything after that is covered in your workshop fee, other than alcoholic beverages!).  You are strongly advised while in Barcelona not to leave baggage unattended at the airport, train and subway stations, and any crowded places; hang on tightly to any backbacks, handbags or purses (better still, do not have them on view).

In Barcelona, the organisers will be staying at the Best Aranea in the Sagrada Familia area; we have arranged a special rate of 129 Euro (no breakfast) per night. If you stay there or close by, you are welcome to join us at dinner or for drinks on the Sunday evening (I will leave a message at reception saying where we will be).  When booking with the hotel, please mention “Andina” and the special rate. However, you are advised to first check with a site such as or the hotel’s web site to see whether they offer you a better rate!

A bus will be leaving at 08.00 prompt on 13 June from somewhere close to the Hotel Best Aranea (details to follow) in Barcelona. The trip to Benasque is likely to take around 4 hours (please bring travel sickness pills if you require them; the later parts of the route are quite bendy).

For anyone driving directly to the venue, coordinates are N 42.684382016456794, E 0.6121054212635209

On the Friday, we will leave Benasque after lunch to head back towards Barcelona. We cannot be precise about arrival time back at Barcelona airport, but it would be unwise to book a departure flight until after 18.00. Safer still would be to fly out on the Saturday morning.

2014 Meeting in the Spanish Pyrenees

If your arrival in Barcelona is delayed, you will have to make your own way to the venue at your own cost.

Everyone is expected to attend the full event, so PLEASE do not announce that you have to leave early on the Friday morning…..

It is vital that you investigate Covid-related entry requirements for Spain well ahead of time. If you are anti-vaccination, then you should pull out of the meeting right now: they will not let you in unless you must be fully-vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine (last dose within 270 days of arrival). It is also quite likely that you will need a negative Covid test made within 72 hours before arrival (and some proof of test result), so you will need to investigate how you can get that done. The quarantine regulations are dependent on your country of origin, so please bear that in mind: however, it is our understanding of the current regulations that everyone would be allowed in if you comply with the above conditions. It would be best if you do not visit a high-Covid country en route to Spain if at all possible.

Residents of some countries require a Visa to enter Spain.  Please ask your travel agent or your local Spanish Embassy or Consulate to make absolutely certain – and allow plenty of time to obtain one. Spain is a member of the European Union; if you are a resident of another EU country, either a passport or national card will be accepted for travelling into Spain.  We are happy to provide an official letter stating the purpose of your visit (also for your funding agency to confirm that you have been invited to attend).