The (new) venue

Has it occurred to you how much ecology is taught, presented and debated in dark, airless rooms in large buildings in big cities, where we sit quietly, ordered in straight rows?  We cannot get much further away from the natural world that we are trying to understand!  So, we hold our workshops within settings where we can be inspired by our surroundings and where we are the only guests.

The meeting was to have been held in The Boros valley in Romania, one of the best preserved traditional landscapes of the Outer Eastern Carpathians.  This is a wonderful venue and a unique opportunity to experience a country that many people have not visited.  Sadly, the Covid situation (in late November 2021) in Romania is poor and the country is in political turmoil.  While a meeting there in June 2022 is still possible, the committee decided that for people travelling from around the globe we needed to have a greater level of confidence (while nothing can be certain in a Covid-world).  If we had waited longer and were forced to abandon Romania after around February or March it would probably not be possible to find a suitable alternative venue; and if we cannot schedule the meeting in 2022 there is a high probability that the meeting will never take place at all.  Right now, the situation is looking reasonably good in some countries with high vaccination rates; their border restrictions allow entry of international visitors provided that they meet certain vaccination and Covid-test requirements. 

Luckily, we have used a fabulous venue in the Spanish Pyrenees before and they were able to fit us in.  A secluded hotel near the village of Benasque, surrounded by great walking and amazing scenery from the meeting rooms .  Barcelona is the nearest airport, less than two hours drive away and has more international connections than Bucharest.

You will not need to book conference accommodation yourself : this is all included in the workshop price.